Zimbabwe: Armed robbers attack family, indecently assault wife


Four machete-wielding armed robbers attacked a Mvurwi family, stole cash and valuables before indecently assaulting the mother.

Provincial spokesperson Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha stated that the family, which included the husband (46), wife (26), son (5) and a niece (17) retired to bed on April 17 at around 10pm.

Sgt Major Chikasha said doors and windows were secured.

At around 1am, four armed robbers who were covering their faces with black masks broke into the house.

Using the flat side of the machetes, the robbers assaulted the family members demanding money.

The husband was stabbed on the right palm with an okapi knife.

Sgt Major Chikasha said one of the robbers undressed the wife and inserted his finger into her private parts.

They ransacked the house and stole US$800, an iPhone, Java and Huawei cell phones.

They also took a brown bag containing clothes and two black satchels before tying the four family members with a rope and left.

The four managed to untie themselves and report the matter to the police.

The stolen property was valued at US$1500.