Zimbabwean motivational speaker born without limbs reveals she is pregnant


A physically disabled Zimbabwean woman, Sinikiwe Kademaunga has announced that she is expecting her first child with her spouse.

Kademaunga, who is 26 years old was born without hands, knees and feet, took to Instagram to share photos of her burgeoning baby bump.

“Hey guys. I cant believe i am going to be a whole mom, a whole mom guys. How great is God. 2020 was such a difficult year but God gave me a comforter, a blessing, a bestfriend and my pride. I know this child is going to be nothing but a blessing to us (dad and I) and generations to come. I cant wait to hold, kiss, touch, feel, smell you. I am so grateful. Now i can post my full body pics in peace.” she wrote.

Kademaunga, who is currently making waves as a motivational speaker, said life was not easy for her while growing up.

“When I was born it was very hard for my family to accept that I was born with a disability because at that time when a child was born with a disability, it was considered to be a curse from God,” she disclosed.

She encouraged people with disabilities, saying: “Believe in yourself. You are magic. You are exceptional and wonderful with whatever disability that you have. You are just beautiful in your own way. Believe in yourself, don’t let the world define you, or tear you down. Whatever dream that you have, somebody out there needs you, go out there fly high.”

Kademaunga, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Cape Town, in 2019, launched her company SK, that specialises in motivational speaking and personal development.

Kademaunga said she understands reasons that drive people living with disabilities onto the streets to beg for alms.

In 2016, she received recognition for her courage to confront her disability at Zimbabwe’s International Women’s Awards.