Citi TV/Citi FM honour mothers of top winners of ‘A Portrait of Mama’ promo


It was an emotional night for mothers of the top three winners of Citi FM/Citi TV’s 2022 Mother’s Day promotion, ‘A Portrait of Mama’, who were celebrated for their significant roles in their children’s lives at a dinner held at the Zinnia Events Center in Cantonments.

Most mothers were highly emotional as they shared stories about their love for their children.

‘A Portrait of Mama’ promotion was geared towards giving individuals an opportunity to surprise their mums and tell the world what their mothers mean to them in a write-up of less than 100 words on “what they consider to be Mama’s biggest sacrifice, and how it has changed your life.”

The three top finalists of the promotion were subsequently chosen from the hundreds of entries received from participants.

All three top winners get an all expense paid weekend stay at the Penninsula Resort for the mothers.

They also got free tickets to the ‘A Portrait of Mama’ (Mother’s Day Dinner) for their mothers.

The event is powered by Citi TV with support from 97.3 Citi FM and sponsored by The Peninsula Resort, Akosombo and Fortune Rice.

Below are the top 3 winners in no particular order:

01. Daughter: Abena Nyamedea Djorbuah
Mama’s name: Natasha Faakor Gidiglo

“Citi FM please help me celebrate my mom this Mother’s Day. She lost 7 babies, with 3 caesarean sections, before I was born. I wouldn’t have been alive if she had decided not to give birth again. I thank God for her life. I’m her only surviving child now. She trains me like she has 4 children. She is a strong and fearless woman. Through her, I have learned to keep trying until I succeed in life.”

02. Name: Diana Nartey Aboagye.
Mama’s name: Mrs. Hilda Boadi.

“Thank you doesn’t even come close to expressing how I feel. Madam Hilda Boadi came through for me on several occasions, but the one I am most grateful for is a week after I gave birth through Caesarean Section and was diagnosed with a very bad surgical site infection with pelvic abscess. As a first time mum, going through that level of pain wasn’t easy. But in all, Madam Hilda was there with me. From the diagnosis bed through to the surgical room, she was there with me. From nurturing my baby to bringing in an external midwife and a doctor from Accra Regional hospital to ascertain my health condition to the series of laboratory tests. I will never forget the early morning wound dressing to the evening hot water steaming and massage. On behalf of my husband, baby and myself, we say Ayekoo to that great sacrifice made for me to be healthy and alive today. On this special day, we celebrate you. Madam Hilda Boadi.”

03. Name: Obed Henry Bempong
Mama’s name: Joyce Ohemeng

“My Mama’s biggest sacrifice was in 2017 when I got admission to go study in China. I had saved money to fund my travel, but got my money locked up in GN bank during the banking sector clean-up. Not knowing where to get money to fund my travel, my mum was a trader then, she had to empty her bank account and added her business capital (closed the shop) in order to fund my educational travel cost. She lost her business to make sure I made it in life. Now I’m employed and taking care of her. I am who I am today because of her.
NB: she’s still not working till date. She sacrificed her business, for my success.”

‘A Portrait of Mama’ promotion is powered by 97.3 Citi FM and is supported by Citi TV.

It is sponsored by The Peninsula Resort, Akosombo and Fortune Rice.



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