Dafeamekpor, Stephen Amoah in near-fight in Parliament over tidal waves disaster


The foyer of Ghana’s Parliament on Friday, 12th November 2021, witnessed a scuffle between South Dayi MP, Rockson Dafeamekpor, and Nhyiaeso MP, Stephen Amoah, over the authenticity of a picture used by the Majority side in a press statement on the current tidal waves disaster in parts of the Volta Region.

The two MPs could be seen angrily exchanging words and hurling insults at each other after the Minority disagreed with the stance of the Majority in Parliament on the Tidal waves disaster, and a claim that sand winning and not the absence of the sea defense wall, was the cause of the disaster that affected some residents in the Volta Region.

The confrontation by the Minority became heated after the authenticity of a picture used by the Majority side during the press conference was disputed by the Minority.

It was during the Minority side’s attempt to respond to the press conference that the two Members of Parliament nearly clashed in the heated scuffle.

Rockson Dafeamekpor could be seen telling Stephen Amoah to leave the lectern, so the minority press conference can take place.

“Don’t come and misbehave here, when you were talking nobody came here” Rockson Dafeamekpor could be heard saying angrily.

The Nhyiaeso MP also kept yelling and retorting, adding that he won’t leave.

They had to be separated by some onlookers.


Residents living in some communities along the Keta – Aflao stretch have told Citi News that they are living in fear after the sea washed away some homes in the area. The communities, especially Salakope and Amutinu, were the hardest hit.

“There is no place to relocate the people to. The banks of the lagoon would’ve been the safest, but that has also flooded as the sea rises” the Assembly Member for Agavedzi Electoral Area said to Citi News’ Fred Duhoe.

According to the Assembly Member, Ebenezer Assah, if the situation is not addressed by the government in time, the sea will split the road and cause greater havoc to residents.

He said, “the tidal wave rises mostly at night when the entire community is asleep, which makes the situation more dreadful”.

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Source: citinewsroom