GH¢236,030 fines generated from road traffic offences in October 2021


The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) has recorded 573 road traffic offenses in the month of October 2021.

Out of the 573 cases, 504 were sent to the courts, where 415 offenders were convicted, while 17 others are awaiting trial. Per the MTTD’s records, 69 cases are under investigation.

A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of six drivers.

Some four drivers have been jailed, while two others were discharged by the courts.

The total amount of fines collected for the month was GH¢236,030.

The offending drivers have fully settled the fines imposed on them.

Regional breakdown of offenses

The regional breakdown of the offences is as follows: Ashanti – 228 cases; Greater Accra – 112 cases; Western North – 68 cases; Central Region – 66 cases; Bono Region – 51 cases; Tema Region – 25 cases, Eastern Region – 14, North-East Region – six cases, Volta Region – three cases.

This means that out of the 16 regions, there were no road traffic offences recorded within six regions.

These regions are Upper East, Northern, Upper West, Western, Oti, Savannah, Bono East, and Ahafo.

Regional breakdown of fines

The regional breakdown of the fines is: Greater Accra GH¢80,880; Ashanti GH¢67,310; Central, GH¢34,500; Tema, GH¢21,000; Western North, GH¢13,040; Bono Region, GH¢11,600; Eastern, GH¢5,300; Volta, GH¢1,800; and North East, GH¢600.

Over speeding – 7

For the offence of overspeeding, Central Region recorded a case.
All remaining six cases of overloading were recorded in the Greater Accra Region.

Drunk driving – 3

The Ashanti Region was responsible for all three cases of drunk driving.

Worn-out tyres – 21 offenders

About 21 vehicles were arrested for having worn-out tyres in three regions, and this breaks down as Ashanti – 17, Greater Accra – three, and Volta – one.

Unlicensed drivers -110 offenders

Some 110 unlicensed drivers were arrested in six regions; they were arrested in the Ashanti Region – 57; Western North – 23; Central Region – 11; Bono – nine, North East – six, and Eastern Region – one.

Expired documents

Out of 66 recorded cases of expired documents, Ashanti Region recorded 25 cases, which is the highest nationally.

It was followed by the Western North Region, which recorded about 17 cases. The Central Region recorded 11 cases. The Bono and Eastern regions recorded four and three cases respectively, whilst the Volta Region recorded only one case.

The remaining 10 regions recorded zero cases for this offence.

Not wearing helmet

All six cases of riders not wearing helmets were recorded in the Greater Accra Region.

Not wearing seat belt/ child restraint

Out of the seven recorded cases of persons not wearing seat belts/child restraints, the Ashanti Region recorded five cases – the highest number in the country, followed by the Greater Accra and the Volta Region, recording one case each.


A total of 353 other road traffic offences were recorded in the month under review.

Out of these 353 cases, Ashanti Region recorded 121 incidents, the highest in the country.

The Greater Accra recorded 88 cases, followed by the Central Region, which recorded about 43 cases, whilst the Bono Region recorded some 38 cases.

A total of 25 cases were recorded in the Tema Region, with the Eastern Region recording 10 cases – the lowest in the country.

In all, 10 regions recorded 0 cases for other road traffic offenses.

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Source: citinewsroom