Speaker Muturi seeks to extend house calendar by a week


MOMBASA, Kenya, May 13- Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi says he will be proposing to alter the sitting calendar of the House by one week.

Speaking during a media engagement workshop in Mombasa, Muturi said this will allow the Parliament to appear like it is working in synergy.

He noted that it was not right that the National Assembly which holds a critical mandate will be adjourning its sittings indefinitely while the Senate which only deals with county matters is left to continue sitting.

“I have proposed that we extend the National Assembly Calendar by a week, the quorum hitches notwithstanding, so that the two Houses can adjourn sine die at the same time,” stated Muturi.

If Members of the National Assembly approve the proposal, then the House will adjourn indefinitely on June 16 not June 10 to pave the way for the general elections slated for August 9.

Source: capitalfm