Hate speech leads to violence, ACF cautions politicians


The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has cautioned politicians that hate speech can lead to acts of violence on a grand scale.

ACF said hate speeches incite, promote or  justify  hatred, violence and  discrimination against an individual or group of people.

“It  poses  grave danger to the unity and stability of a democratic society,  protection  of  human  rights  and  the  rule  of law.

A statement entitled ‘Hate speech and violence will be our death’ by Murtala  Aliyu, Secretary General of ACF, noted that alhough  Nigeria  is already facing  severe  life  threatening  challenges  arising from  lack  of  security  and  the  growing  economic  crises,  it  would  seem  that there  are  many  desperate  political  leaders  and  other  self -appointed community  champions  that  will  not  hesitate  to  add  more  fuel  to  the  fire.

“Shamefully,  most  are  driven  by  blind  ambition  or  plain  hatred. No  one  can  fail  to  notice  the  alarming  rise  of  tension  and  lawlessness  as the  election  campaigns  and  contests  gather  pace.