By Adenike Fagbemi

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the globe service providers ​ and societies are facing unprecedented challenges.​ it has had ripple effects with devastating impacts on businesses.

The crisis, characterized by lockdowns, and restricted movement has already become an economic shock which adversely leads to unemployment.
Several businesses are facing serious challenges, with the real threat of significant declines in revenue, insolvencies, and job losses, particularly for the small and medium enterprise.

Some organizations are finding innovative ways to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, GateKrasher Limited takes the lead in providing jobs, while others are downsizing and laying off employees.

GateKrasher is a service and solution provider ​ platform for finding local service professionals and allows users to search for and connect with ​ service providers to access reliable and affordable services.

The company is poised to enable businesses to acquire customers and more importantly, retain them by making them more accessible through the Gatekrasher app and on the other hand provide a reliable service and​ maximum value for money to users

Hence, it has created a way of ensuring trust between service professionals and customers on the platform.​

Speaking with the CEO Mrs Bola Adejobi to expatiate more on their offering, she said

“Our business models is built around digital marketplaces, providing trust, affordability, availability, quality, and access to quality services.

In the times like this that the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact the way we live, work and operate, where people need to stay indoors and away from each other, the challenges service providers, particularly the ones with a high physical component, are increasing.​

“We as a company are allowing service provider, as well as service users leverage on our tech solutions to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their livelihood.

We use information technology to solve everyday problems, making customer satisfaction our number one Priority; while providing peace of mind and Job security for our service providers.​

“We are on a mission to encourage a happy union between the customer and service providers.​ We have formed a convergence center, where customers are king and service providers provide their services with the highest of professionalism and courtesy.

“The trajectory of business development has thus changed, and so must we especially as a company. We think differently and ready to do “business unusual” to help our service providers as well as our service​ users cope with economic stresses amid the pandemic adhering strictly to the safety measure by World Health Organization(WHO)​ and Nigeria Center For Disease Control (NCDC)

​”Our ​ customers enjoy essential service without having to be exposed to the open market outside their​ homes and business place. To get started on our offer Services providers as well as service users are required to download our App GateKrasher on Google Play Store and Apple store to enjoy world class services that truly works,” she concluded.