Black Friday: SA’s biggest shopping spree is around the corner


It’s almost Black Friday, South Africa’s largest shopping event. The event is expected to boom this year as the Covid-19 pandemic eases its grip on South Africa.

While many South Africans will be deal hunting to stock up their pantries, others are gearing to spend their hard-earned money on flashy electronics.

Black Friday: 26 November 2021

The pandemic has resulted in a clear change in shopping habits. South African shoppers are embracing online shopping and the hunt for the best deals is officially on.

If you haven’t given it any thought just yet, start by saving all the deals you’ve had your eye on. We will share more tips, tricks and hacks as the day approaches.

And fret not. Retailers are confident they will have enough stock as global supply-chain issues are resolved ahead of Black Friday, thanks to selling and importing more locally produced goods.

Black Friday live updates

Black Friday happens on the last Friday in November. However, the 2020 event was unexceptional when compared to previous years.

In fact, retail sales were down by 4.0% from November 2019, which indicates the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer finances.

The year before, South Africans spent approximately R6 billion, exceeding retailers’ expectations.

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Beware of fake websites

FortiGuard said approximately 30% of all retail sales occur between November and Christmas Day, therefore it’s important to be vigilant before parting with your hard-earned money.

While some of these fake websites may appear to be the real deal, scammers will exploit your trust of a particular brand to steal your payment information.

FortiGuard said: “Fake e-commerce sites are quickly becoming the latest threat to consumers and they cover a wide range of products to lure potential buyers.”

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