Flooding in pictures: George under water, residents urged to stay home


George Municipality is making an urgent appeal for residents to stay at home if they can, as heavy rain and extensive flooding is causing road closures across the region.

As reported by Caxton publication George Herald, several streets in and outside the city are underwater, and are dangerous and/or impassable.

Flooding in George

Emergency services activated

The Garden Route District Municipality (GRDM) Joint Operations Centre (JOC) has been activated to monitor the heavy rainfall experienced in certain parts of the Garden Route. 

Meanwhile, the GRDM JOC requested their disaster management coordinators from Bitou and Mossel Bay to activate JOCs in those respective areas as well.

Hope Street George in the Western Cape. Photo: Twitter/ReenvalSA/Giel Odendaal

George floods: Emergency contact numbers

The main area of concern remains George and its surroundings, and residents are advised to drive slowly and cautiously.

Flood-related incidents may be reported to the Garden Route District Disaster Management JOC on 044-805-5071, or on George Municipality’s 24-hour emergency line on 044-801-6300,

Alternatively, contact 044-801-9262/6 during office hours for issues related to streets, stormwater, and sanitation; and 044-801-9222 or 044-803-9222 for electricity-related issues

Road safety tips for flooding:

If you do find yourself on a flooded road, Arrive Alive says it is important to “keep calm and think swiftly.” 

Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road or bridge.

george flooding weather thunderstorms garden route
Flooding in the Mossel Bay area, near George in the Western Cape. Photo: Supplied

Turn back and try a higher route and don’t stay in the flooded area.

If your vehicle is surrounded by water, get out and seek higher ground instead.

Lastly, if you are stranded in a building, don’t leave it to enter the floodwater.

Instead, raise the alarm and wait for rescuers.

Parts of this article first appeared on Caxton publication George Herald. Read the original article here, here, and here.

Edited by Cheryl Kahla.

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