Mashaba explains why he handed power to ‘irresponsible’ DA


ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba has told voters why he did not contest for Joburg mayor, with his party councillors voting for the Democratic Alliance instead.

DA councillors have been elected as the mayor and council speaker in Ekurhuleni, while in Johannesburg, DA councillor Vasco da Gama was elected speaker and Mpho Phalatse the new mayor of the metro.

Phalatse was elected in the hotly contested metro, beating the African National Congress’ Mpho Moerane.

Voters were shocked to realise Mashaba was no longer in the race for Joburg mayor, as some called him a “Judas”.

However, in statement on Monday evening, Mashaba explained that ActionSA voted for DA candidates to keep the ANC out of power.

He clarified that there was no coalition agreement with the DA.

“We have done so reluctantly because of the arrogance with which the DA has ignored the wishes of all coalition partners and acted in a manner consistent with a party that did not want coalitions to work,” said Mashaba.

“In Johannesburg, we knew that if it came down to a choice between ActionSA and the ANC, the DA would simply abstain, handing the keys to the metro to the ANC. This is not what residents want, and this is not what residents deserve,” said Mashaba.

“We made a commitment to all South Africans, that where we contest, we will unseat the ANC. We are sticking by that commitment. The DA, after spending the last three days throwing my name and the name of ActionSA into the dirt, will now have exactly what they didn’t want: The very minority coalition governments they have spoken against, without written agreements in place with any parties. Maybe now they will listen and consider other parties.”

Mashaba slammed the DA’s “irresponsible” actions, saying they created a crisis in coalition politics.

“However, the actions of a group of political parties, of which ActionSA is one, will ensure that the flame of a multi-party alternative to the ANC can be kept alive, even if it must be led by a party undeserving by its actions.

“It must be made clear that ActionSA is not in coalition with the DA. The DA’s actions have prevented any coalition agreement having been reached. Our actions are solely about keeping these municipalities out of ANC hands.”

Source: citizen