Pistorius was ‘unstable long before the murder’


There are still wide divisions, speculation, and questions about whether model Reeva Steenkamp’s killer Oscar Pistorius should be released on parole as the date approaches.

Over months, reports suggested convicted killer Oscar Pistorius was approaching his parole date in March 2023 after the Supreme Court of Appeal failed to account for time served when his charge was upgraded from culpable homicide to murder and his sentence adjusted to 13 years.

Director at Champion Sport Psychology Lloyd Bemelman said the former Paralympian athlete was unstable long before the murder.

“I knew him because we trained at the same place and time he did, so we saw him a lot,” he said.

Bemelman said people wanted the truth from Pistorius before he is released from prison.

“I’m not sure what he is like now, but I don’t think prison changed who he is. He has an incredibly short fuse,” he said.

Bemelman said a good example was when Pistorius lost at his last Olympics, he had a meltdown and protested the outcome.

“A trait like having a short fuse can’t change. He won’t change, people don’t work like that. They can do things to make themselves look outwardly better but, inside, they fight how they feel versus what they should do,” he said.

Members of the public are divided about whether it was time to release Pistorius.

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Heather van den Berg said Pistorius should remain behind bars.

“Why should he walk free when he took an innocent life? She will never get the chance to fulfil her destiny on earth because of his crimes. Let him rot there. I stand with Reeva’s parents on this one,” she said.

Marietjie van Nieuwenhuizen said many other parents’ children were murdered daily without anyone making such a big fuss.

“Nobody will ever know what happened that night,” she said.

She said Pistorius had to be forgiven because the Lord forgave everyone, no matter what they did wrong.

“I believe God has also forgiven Oscar. Like everyone else, he does deserve a second chance because only God can judge us,” she said.

Van Nieuwenhuizen said people should stop worrying about Steenkamp’s parents.

“What about Oscar and his family? We have to forgive him at some point. Life is short,” she added.

Georg Nieuwoudt said Pistorius should serve the whole sentence.

“The parents have the right to refuse to meet with him. Not everyone believes in forgiveness,” he said.

Nieuwoudt noted that Pistorius was touted as a model prisoner, adding: “Lest we forget that he was not a model citizen despite his sporting achievements and his handicap. As it is, handicapped people didn’t receive any special treatment in this country, they got neglected, so I have no mercy for him.

“He should have got life with no parole,” Nieuwoudt said.

Steve van Eeden also said Pistorius had to tell the truth before he could be released.

“How can you learn from your mistakes if you have not confessed the truth,” he said.

Van Eeden said Pistorius should not get special treatment because he was a sports star.

“Murder is murder and crime is crime,” he said.

Source: citizen