Tshwane nail queen aims to create jobs


Tshwane nail queen Mel Viljoen has plans to combat the country’s unemployment – she wants to empower 10,000 people from previously disadvantaged background, to grow the fledgling industry.

Viljoen, who is CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, has already empowered thousands of women through training provided in her Tshwane-based academy.

Says Viljoen: “As a business owner and a South African citizen, it is my duty to make a difference in others.

“We have incredible young people who are talented and motivated, who just need the opportunity and the platform.

“I am so blessed to have the ability to give our youth the platform to become something incredible.”

The academy offers the much-needed skills in the nail industry to women from all over the country.

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Viljoen is committed to teaching skills that are sustainable “so that women can be truly empowered through education”.

“Through our certified nail technician training, we have empowered countless women with the skills to create their own income streams,” she adds.

With the Tammy Taylor Nail Academy in Tshwane thriving, Viljoen plans to open another school in Cape Town soon.

Viljoen: “I want every woman in South Africa to have the opportunity to experience the magic that is Tammy Taylor Nails – whether as a salon owner, a nail technician or beauty therapist, or as a client.

“Every woman should be able to feel and be treated, like a queen.”

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa CEO Mel Viljoen with some of her trainees.

The initiative comes amid South Africa’s surging unemployment rate – the highest on a global list of 82 countries.

According to Stats South Africa, jobless figures rose to 34.4% in the second quarter from 32.6% in the three months through March.

According to the unemployment expanded definition, joblessness includes people who are available for work but not looking for a job.

This rose to 44.4% from 43.2% in the first quarter, while the unemployment rate is now at its highest.

For more information on the training, prospective trainees can contact the academy on cell number: 066 257 0861 or telephone number: 010 591103

Fill out the online enquiry form here.


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