15,000 facial-recognition cameras to monitor Qatar World Cup – Organisers


All sixty-four matches in the FIFA 2022 World Cup tournament starting on November 20 in Qatar will be monitored with nothing less than 15,000 cameras equipped with facial-recognition technology,.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Command and Control Centre for FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Niyas Abdulrahiman made this known on Friday as the preparations are in top gear for the biggest football event.

Abdulrahiman said the Middle Eastern nation is mounting surveillance cameras to check security threats in a way to prevent terrorism and violence during the competition.

He also revealed that the hosting country has invested $300 billion to build new infrastructure which includes seven new stadiums to accommodate the influx of football tourists across the globe.

“Basically we can open a door or all the doors in a stadium right from here,” Abdulrahiman said.

  • He further said the control centre will monitor all nearby trains and buses.