2020 Olympics: This is the toughest Olympics so far for me – Aruna Quadri


The poster boy of Nigeria and African table tennis, Aruna Quadri has said that the 2020 Olympic Games will be the toughest competition he will be participating in because of the presence of top ranked table tennis players.

Speaking from the Games Village in Tokyo, Quadri who is ranked 15 for the Olympics said he will not be under any form of pressure when he joins the fray from the third-round on Tuesday in the men’s singles just as he expressed surprise at being named Team Nigeria captain.

“Every tournament is a challenge. This is the toughest Olympics so far for me. I am saying it because we have the top 100 players in the draw. With pressure it will be difficult but I am looking forward to giving my best.

“It is a good thing as I will be starting from the 3rd round. But the people who are starting from the first and second round will have better opportunities as they would have warmed up very well and gotten used to the environment.

“It was a shock for me but I was happy to be named the Team Nigeria captain. I think it is a plus for table tennis in Nigeria. We are doing very fine. We are all one family and are communicating very well. We are looking forward to doing our best.

“For me, there is no pressure. My expectation is to be a good ambassador for my country, sponsor, club and family. I am expecting to play very well. Nigerians should pray for us and we will make them proud,” he said.

Credit: Daily Trust Sports