2023 Appropriation Budget: NFF To Spend N1.3Billion On Refreshments, Sewerage, Anti-Corruption, Others


The Nigerian Football Federation is set to spend approximately 1.3 billion Naira on refreshments, anti-corruption, and others in its 2023 appropriation budget sent to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Development.

It was gathered on Friday, from the 1,282,245,800 billion appropriated, N153, 022, 511 million will go on Personnel, N964, 735,407 million as Overhead Cost while N164, 497, 882 million is for Capital Expenditure.

Interestingly, in the N81,257,682 proposed for miscellaneous, Four Million Eight Hundred Twenty Thousand Naira (N4,820,000) will go for refreshments and meals, while Five Million (N5,000,000) is for anti-corruption.

Honorarium and Sitting Allowance will gulp Fourteen Million Three Hundred And Seventy-Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Sixty-Seven Naira (N14, 378, 567).

For air travels, the NFF plans to spend Forty-Five Million Four Hundred And Fifty Thousand Naira (N45, 000,000).

N5,000,000 is for local travel while Forty Million (N40, 000,000) is for international.

General utilities will cost the apex football body N23,500,000 million, which is N2,500,000 on electricity, N10,000,000 for internet access, N800,000 on telephone calls and 1,200,000 for satellite broadcasting access.

The NFF hopes to spend N1,500,000 on water and N7,500,000 on sewerage, while it has also earmarked N19,500,000 for cleaning and fumigation services.