2023 Lagos WTT: Aruna Quadri Reveals Reason Behind His Withdrawal


With few days to the start of the 2023 World Table Tennis Contender in Lagos, Nigeria’s table tennis sensation Aruna Quadri has revealed the reason for his withdrawal.

After participating in the Durban Contender, Aruna made it clear that he will not be available to take part in the Lagos Contender to the surprise of the Nigerian fans.

Aruna on Wednesday morning finally explained the reason for his withdrawal through a video he posted on his Instagram handle.

“Nothing is as good as playing in front of my home fans and it’s always fun getting support from them year after year.

“I am sorry that I won’t be able to make the WTT Contender in Lagos next week due to my club engagements.

“I hope that all of you (fans) will support my compatriots and other players participating in the Contender.

“Thank you also for the support over the years and I hope to see all of you at the next WTT event,” he said.