Abramovich Still Has Say Who Buys Chelsea


ROMAN ABRAMOVICH may be sanctioned by the UK government, but he still has the final say in who he sells Chelsea to.

The Russian oligarch has received a £2billion-plus offer from property tycoon and lifelong Blues fan Nick Candy.

Candy has promised fan involvement in the club should he be successful, while also stating he would redevelop Stamford Bridge.

But it is out of his hands as to whether Abramovich, who has had his assets frozen, would accept his bid.

Abramovich, who has been banned as a director by the Premier League, cannot make a single penny from selling the West London outfit.

However he remains in charge of the key decision in deciding who will become Chelsea’s next owner.

Speaking to SunSport, Candy said: “Although it’s a sanctioned club, Roman gets the decision on where it goes. “People might not like that, but it’s his club still – it’s sanctioned – but it’s his club.”

He added: “All I care about is first of all, whoever ends up with the club has got to put the fans front and centre and the fan-led review needs to be adopted in its best principle and that Chelsea has a chance to be the golden standard of that.

“Number two is I think that football clubs owned just by one person like the Glazers is a bad model, and not just for the fans, but for the club.

“If you can have the best investor from Africa, India, America, Asia as your cornerstone partners and they use the fans in that part of the world to make money for the club back at home, fantastic!

“And why can’t we have offshoots of the club in South Korea or Los Angeles or wherever it is. Also Manchester City have probably done the best job in the planet of the feeder clubs. And we’ve got to do that as well. That’s because they run it properly, they’re amazing.”