After Argentina won the World Cup, South American fans continue to mock Mexican boxer


Canelo Alvarez will always be remembered for his words on social networks for the hateful message he unleashed on Lionel Messi after Argentina’s victory over Mexico.

The echo of Canelo’s message after what he saw of Messi in the locker room, no one could stop it, and with the trophy in Messi’s possession, the internet users reminded the boxer who is the world champion and now that hatred turned against him.

Despite the fact that Canelo Alvarez already offered his apologies for the outburst of rage he had and even made it known that it was his turn to learn, fans in Argentina simply do not forgive him and every chance they get they attack him with comments on his Instagram posts.

That was precisely what happened a few hours ago, as Saúl shared an image assuring that he missed playing golf again and the attacks didn’t wait a second.