Anthony Joshua Loses In Bizarre Tug-of-War Against A Liger In Dubai Zoo


Anthony Joshua might want to avoid the re-match claws – after losing a tug of war with a LIGER.

The boxer even posed with an “I lost” sign as he reassured the rare hybrid of a lion and tiger that it was the king of the rumble.

Anthony Joshua strained seriously but still came a distant second in his one-one-one with the liger at the exclusive zoo

The extremely-rare hybrid proved it was the best of the beast

The boxer did the zoological equivalent of throwing in the towel

Joshua joined the cub for some up-close feeding time

Ex-footballer Alessandro Del Piero, who won 91 Italy caps, was with his family when he too challenged the liger in another mismatch

There’s nothing for AJ to feel grizzly about as he warmed up for what could be a spectacular year in the ring with a touching bear encounter

AJ was visiting a Dubai zoo, along with Italian football legend Alessandro Del Piero, when he took on his unlikeliest opponent ever.

The Brit, who won all three comeback fights in 2023, must soon start preparing for a bout with UFC icon Francis Ngannou, probably in March.

Many believe that’s a strange route to proving he is the top cat of boxing – but it’s nothing compared to his latest method of relaxing.

The ex-world heavyweight champion grinned but gritted his teeth as he pulled on a rope – with a huge liger at the other end.

There are thought to be fewer than 100 of the animals in existence, reportedly all in captivity.

It’s the offspring of a male lion and female tiger, making it the largest cat in the world.

And when this specimen got its teeth into one end of the rope, it was too strong for the weight and straining hands of Joshua at the other end.

Needless to say, ex-Juventus striker Del Pierro went the same way as AJ when he followed suit in his own tug of war with the liger.