Badminton Classics: Opeyori Sad To Crash Out, Shifts Focus To Paris 2024


Nigeria Badminton star Anuoluwapo Opeyori has expressed his disappointment with his shocked exit from the ongoing Badminton Classics in Lagos.

After a decent outing in the quarter-final, Opeyori suffered a surprise defeat to Somi Romdhani in a straight set.

“It was sad to lose in two sets (24-22, 21-13) to UAE’s Somi Romdhani in front of my home fans.

“He was lucky I must say, but I’m excited that I took part in the Classics.

“I aimed to win it, but overall it was a good outing for me because my cumulative points increased as I recorded about 2,200 points at this event.

“My quarter-final feat has also boosted my chances of qualifying for the Olympics as well. So, I’m really happy that this is happening, regardless of the defeat.

“It’s a starting point for me achieving my dream of performing well at the Olympics because I’m preparing well and I hope that I surpass my debut outing at the Paris 2024 Olympics,”