Cameroonians Boast AJ Will Pay for Eagles’ AFCON Win in Anticipated Showdown Against Ngannou


Following the Super Eagles’ triumphant victory over Cameroon at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, attention has shifted to the highly anticipated boxing match between Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua and Cameroon-born fighter Francis Ngannou, colloquially referred to as ‘Nigeria vs Cameroon Part 2.’

While no official belts will be on the line in the March bout, fans from both countries eagerly anticipate the clash, fueled by the desire for national bragging rights after the Eagles’ 2-0 win over the Indomitable Lions in the AFCON round of 16.

The friendly banter and national pride surrounding the recent football victory add an element of revenge for Ngannou, who may seek to avenge Cameroon’s loss in the boxing ring.

On social media, posts reflect a mix of national pride and friendly banter, elevating the significance of this match beyond a typical boxing bout.

Cameroonians voiced their opinions on social media, with one Facebook user warning, “It is Anthony Joshua that will suffer the consequences,” and another stating, “Ngannou will unleash our anger on him.”

The anticipation and banter extend to Nigerian fans as well, with social media users humorously speculating about the outcome. One user humorously suggested, “Somebody say na Anthony Joshua go suffer this beating wey Nigeria dey beat Cameroon.”

Scheduled for March 8 in Saudi Arabia, the ‘Knockout Chaos’ heavyweight bout promises an electrifying showdown, characterised by the added narrative of national pride and rivalry.

As fans engage in playful banter and predictions, the bout is poised to transcend a typical sporting event, capturing the attention and emotions of both nations in what is perceived as a symbolic rematch.