Charity Run Club To Raise N10m To Develop Abuja Communities’ Health Lifestyle


The organizers of Charity Run Club Abuja (RCA), says this year’s event will not just focus on running to keep a healthy lifestyle but also on making a difference in the life of people by giving back to the community in a meaningful way, with the fourth edition set to help develop the Alheri Community, leprosy Village in Kwali, Abuja.

RCA President, Emmanuel Blaze Otokpa, announced the date for the fourth RCA Half Marathon at a press briefing in Nörrenberger, the lead sponsor’s office, on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mr. Otokpa while addressing the members of the press said that the 2024 edition which contains a 10 kilometer, 20 kilometer and Fun run for kids, aims at raising ₦10 million to help provide a full year service of health care.

He said, “This event not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also helps us to give back to our local community in meaningful ways. So far, we have equipped the ‘Not Forgotten Initiative School’ in Asokoro with computers and classrooms. We also renovated the DeiDei primary healthcare center and gave them health equipment also.

“And then last year we built a mini racetrack and football field for the LEA school in Jabi.

“For this year’s Charity Half Marathon, we would have a 10km and 21km distance race just like we had last year as well as the Fun Run for kids from age 6 to 13, we are also encouraging people who are outside Abuja city, either in another state, country or continent to join us.

“This event is not just about running, it’s about making a real difference in the lives of people all over the city of Abuja. The support from Nörrenberger and other sponsors will help us reach our goal of raising 10 million Naira for the Alheri Community, providing essential medication and medical equipment to those affected by leprosy.”

He also made it known that all requirements needed for a successful half marathon is been put in place as they are making sure to work with all the necessary individuals.

Meanwhile, Nörrenberger’s Managing Director/CEO, Anthony Edeh, chimed in about the half marathon, emphasizing a long-term partnership with RCA. They’re not just in it for the short haul.

“The goal for this year is huge and beyond our imagination. For this year, the charity marathon aims to rake in a hundred million, not just for the leprosy community, but for other health-deprived communities and health-deprived areas of the economy. This partnership is just the beginning. We are realigning ourselves to adjust and realign comprehensively with the dreams and aspirations of the Run Club Abuja.

This is not a one-off partnership. This is not a one-off partnership. It’s a partnership that has come to stay.

Let’s run for a cause, for a healthier future, and for a brighter tomorrow.”

Speaking on how RCA will support the Kwali community Peju Lawanson, a member of RCA LOC, broke down the plans they have put in place to better the community.

“We plan to support the community by engaging 2 staff and providing medical supplies for 1 year. This will alleviate the health challenges faced by the residents as they will have easily accessible medical care.

Over the years, we at Run Club Abuja pride ourselves that our two-pronged approach of running for fitness and running for charity is one that has proven successful.”

Overwhelmed with joy, the Secretary of the Alheri Community leprosy Village, Kwali, Salihu Aliyu thanked the organizers of RCA Charity half marathon for placing the community needs as their own.

“The people in the community are saying thank you to this organization, we appreciate you, we have many challenges so thank you.”

The 4th Run Club Abuja Marathon kicks off on July 13th, starting and finishing at Central Park, Abuja. Expect around 500 participants in this charitable event, as all finishers will receive a commemorative medal.