Collapsed AFCON Winner Recovered, Ruled Out Of The Season


The Ivorian International who collapsed during an Italian Serie A game Evan Ndicka has recovered but has been ruled out of playing again this season.

Ndicka collapsed on Sunday during a league game involving AS Roma and Udinese which warranted the game to be stopped.

According to the hospital in Italy, the player has recovered and they also revealed the reason for his collapse.

“Pneumothorax is the rupture of an air bubble in the chest. In football there is something called commotio cordis which is a compressive trauma that can, among other things lead to the rupture of emphysema blisters, which however can also be automatic”, the medics said.

“Some people have these air bubbles in the lungs which following a traumatic event can rupture spontaneously and create a pneumothorax.

This is a release of air into the pleural cavity, which causes lung problems”, it added.