Confederation Cup: USM Algiers Warn Fans


Ahead of the crucial second leg against Rivers United, the management of USM Algiers has warned their fans not to come to the stadium with fireworks.

The African soccer governing on Wednesday fined the Algerian club for their past unruly behavior and further warned them not to repeat the same when they face Rivers United this week.

The management of the club late on Wednesday released a statement warning the fans to be careful during the game this weekend.

The statement read, following the report sent by CAF to the management of our team regarding the use of fireworks in the Confederation Cup quarter-final match against Nigerian Rivers.

“We therefore call on our loyal fans who will come to the 5th July Stadium to support the team in the CAF Confederation Cup quarter-final against Rivers United of Nigeria this Sunday, beautify the sportsmanship and civilized behaviour we are used to as supporters of Federation, by supporting and supporting the team to victory, therefore, and making sure not to throw tosses, sparks and fireworks on the field to avoid “CAF” penalties.

The fans of Al-Itihad have always been special in the way they encourage their team and receive praise and praise both in and out of the country. And today it is more demanding than ever to be sweet with the spirit of responsibility and redrawitol pictures in the stands without exposing the team to punishment.

We are all in for qualifying”, the statement read.