Congo Withdraws From The World Cup Qualifier 


Due to the non-approval of their stadium in Brazzaville, Congo has announced the withdrawal from the match day 3 of the World Cup qualifier.

While renovations was ongoing at Alphonse Massamba Débat stadium in Brazzaville, Congo Football Association through Sports minster Hugues Ngouélondélé has approached DR Congo to have the game against the Mena of Niger in Kinshasha.

Just as they await CAF to inspect the stadium, it was revealed that Niger refused to play in Brazzaville and want the game to take place in Kinshasha.

To this end, Congo announced their withdrawal from the match day 3 and decided to play day 4 against Morocco.

“The Congo national team will not play in Kinshasa. We accept the package because Congo is a country of its word and, when we have given our word, we respect it. When we are faced with a situation that does not meet our values, we do not walk with that. This is why the decision to forfeit was taken ,” Ngouélondélé said

Congo is presently last in the group.