Ex-girlfriend Demands Half of Israel Adesanya’s Assets in Court


Mixed martial artist Israel Adesanya is reportedly being sued by his estranged girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell for half of his assets as part of their settlement.

The news which was disclosed by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Sean O Malley, on Suga YouTube channel podcast revealed that Powdrell was never married to Adesanya nor did they have any children together but was claiming 50 of his wealth because they had dated too long and she supported his UFC career.

Malley who was discussing the matter on the podcast was surprised by the development as he was not aware that Adesanya even had a girlfriend. According to him, Powdrell’s insistence on having half of Adesanya’s assets was absolutely ridiculous. O Malley expressed his concern and doubts over the legitimacy of the claim.

Their relationship came to the notice of the public in 2019 when Charlotte Powdrell was spotted with Adesanya after his victorious fight against Robert Whittaker.

Charlotte Powdrell is a New Zealand based real estate agent who is said to have been dating Adesanya for a long time. Israel Adesanya is currently the UFC Middleweight champion and one of the highest paid mixed martial artists worldwide. He has achieved numerous accolades in his career including being named the Fighter of the Year at the World MMA Awards in both 2019 and 2020.

Despite this success he is now facing a significant legal challenge in the form of his estranged girlfriend’s court case. It is yet unknown how the case will turn out but Powdrell s legal challenge has already sparked a debate among fans and UFC followers .

The situation has highlighted the potential challenges faced by individuals with high net worth when settling with a former partner.

Adesanya has not released any statements regarding the matter. Until the situation is resolved UFC fans will have to wait and see how the case unfolds. The dispute has already generated a lot of interest and the media is continually following up on the story The case could set a precedent for future settlement disputes and many people will be watching it with interest.