Golf Queen Spiranac Branded ‘Fat And Ugly’ After Sexiest Woman Alive Award


PAIGE SPIRANAC has revealed how her Maxim ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ award was tainted by “thousands” of vile online trolls. The stunning former golf pro, 29, was dealt a torrent of abuse after receiving the gong on June 16.

Paige revealed she has been barraged by hurtful messages, some even calling her “fat” and “ugly”. It comes after the influencer revealed she was bullied in the past for her hair loss at school.

Spiranac took to her podcast Playing-A-Round to celebrate her new crown – but also update fans on what she called a period of “intense ups and downs”.
Talking on her podcast, Paige said: “It’s just been highs and lows of emotion [since the news].

“What people don’t prepare you for, is when they name you the ‘sexiest woman alive’, you have hundreds of thousands of people telling you why you SHOULDN’T be the sexiest woman alive.

“I mean it’s such an exciting thing..and I don’t think everyone should say ‘she is the sexiest woman alive’. I don’t even think that I am! “How am I named this when Angelina Jolie exists in this world?

“So I’m already feeling a bit insecure about everything and then you have thousands of people being like ‘you’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re this, you’re that’.

“It’s like okay, am I?! It’s been days of feeling these intense ups and downs, wanting to be excited about [the award] but also having these emotions.