ITTF: Nigeria Faces Sanctions


Nigeria Table Tennis Federation is set to be sanctioned by the International Table Tennis Federation for failing to participate in the 2023 World Youth Championships in Slovenia, despite confirming participation.

The trio Matthew Kuti, Muiz Adegoke and Matthew Fabunmi had been listed among the qualified players for the singles event for the WYC three months ago, after picking their tickets at the 2023 African Youth Championships in Morocco earlier this year.

After their qualification, the federation failed to sponsor them for the competition and they were walked over in all their games.

One of the top officials of the ITTF was furious about the attitude of African countries, especially Nigeria.

“Apparently, Nigeria did not show up and left other doubles partners as well without playing.

This is very bad that it is happening as we have only 32 entries and many players have not been able to play with the walkovers.

It is a pity, but it frequently happens with African countries, especially Nigeria, and nobody knows why they confirm participation but don’t show up for the event”, he said.

Apart from sanctions, the absence will also affect their ranking.