Kamar Visit: Sports Minister To Propose Martial Arts Federation


Minister of Youth and sports Development Mr Sunday Dare has said that the milestone achieved by Kamar Usman in Martial Arts made the Ministry to begin thinking of having Martial Arts Federation.

The minister made this known today during the UFC Welterweight champion visit to his office in Abuja.
He also charged Kamar Usman to use his clout to develop Martial Arts in Nigeria.
The Minister made this appeal on Friday when he hosted the champion in his office in Abuja.
“Today we just hit another notch of excitement as a Ministry and as a country having Usman Kamar who is nicknamed “Nightmare” for his opponents in the octagon in the country.

Kamar who has a staggering 19 wins out of 20 fights has established himself as a legend in the Welterweight category. Kamaru embodies two cultures; Nigerian by birth and an American by immigration moved to the USA at the age of 8 and is returning to the country for the first time as an adult.

The Minister said “it is commendable for you to have identified fully with your country and also the Ministry that has the mandate for Sports Development. The Ministry is concerned with the large number of Youth who are engaged in sports and are interested in your kind of sports because it has become a rave as it falls under the radar of the mixed Martial Art and we are concerned about growing it. Having you here, as the champion it will be great to have you headline that and start to see how at a National level and as a country we can work together to see your success remain and to see you get other youths interested in this sport.”

“Your story is well told, you signify the Nigerian Spirit; that of being dogged and rising to the top the feats you have achieved is no mean feat. For me I can’t say it enough; countries must leverage on their strength not dwell and emphasize their weaknesses and you have sign post the good from Nigeria. As the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, we celebrate you and thank you for being a true Nigerian and remaining patrotic not just to share your success but to identify with the country. The greatest beneficiaries of this visit will be the youth of the country who are interested in the Mixed Martial Art.”

Kamaru expressed excitement to be in the country, “I’m delighted to be here and above all during my visit to the country I aim at creating a long lasting relationship. I represent Martial art now and I want to work on making it easily accessible to everyone interested. I understand the responsibilities that I have with my platform and I want to put that to good use I want to be able effect changes and part of being able to effect change is creating that foundation so people can actually see a future, different from what they are now because I understand the restrictions. With my space I want to be able to create something that will pull interested people out.”