Mayweather, Ronaldo, LeBron Top 30 Most Hated Athletes


Sporting stars can often be loved or loathed; usually that verdict can be reached either way due to allegiances, success, and actions away from their discipline or a combination of all of them.

Ask anyone interested in sports, there’ll be a sporting star they claim that they can’t stand more than anyone else and they’ll tell you exactly why they feel that way.
People have been voting online for their most hated athletes, with the top 30 now announced thanks to a list compiled by The Top Tens.
LeBron James’ success can often be a big factor in people’s hatred for him, but like Mayweather, LeBron James’ arrogance in his own ability has led to him alienating the public, not to mention his lack of loyalty to Cleveland.
The ‘Money’ Floyd Mayweather being hated is no surprise given his obscene ability in the ring, going unbeaten at 50-0 in his career, the cocky American was despised for his lack of respect for his opponents and unwavering arrogance. Many people will be shocked to see Tiger Woods on this list, despite being the best golfer to ever take to the course, his life away from golf has constantly been in the media, but for all the wrong reasons.
Kyle Busch joins his brother in the top 10 and is clearly despised by NASCAR fans, with a list of 18 reasons why he is hated being put together, it’s not pretty viewing for his fans or himself for that matter.
For many NBA fans, Kobe Bryant was the reason why their team didn’t win as much given his ability on court, taking the Lakers and Bulls to titles, so people disliking him is no shock. However, the infamous ‘Case from Colorado’ will always mar his reputation, whether you believed him or not.
One half of the NASCAR’s Busch brothers, Kurt is hated by fans for his fiery temperament, he apparently has threatened to punch people during interviews… Sounds like a pleasant chap.
NFL is one of the biggest sports in the world, pulling in huge viewing numbers and support in America. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are pitted head-to-head for GOAT status, with the debate leading to fans of one disliking the other.
This is an example of what someone has done away from the sport, Michael Vick spent 21 months in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to being involved in a dog-fighting ring.
Lance Armstrong needs no introduction, one of the most infamous cases of doping and cheating in sport was exposed when his actions came to light, and many people would have the former cyclist at the top of their list.
An interesting inclusion so high up on the list, but his own fans appear to dislike him given his baseballing ability not living up to the contract he was given by the Phillies.
The footballers from the 1990s still playing as Zlatan Ibrahimovic prepares to extend career.