Mbappe To Cost Real Madrid €21m Per Season


Real Madrid can freely negotiate with Kylian Mbappe and any other player that will become a free agent in June. Since Mbappe will become a free agent this summer, it wouldn’t require Real Madrid to give a transfer fee to PSG. But, at the same time, it’s not a free transfer, per se. It just doesn’t involve a transfer fee. The rest is still pretty damn expensive.

Real would still have to pay Mbappe his salary, his signing bonus, agent commissions, among many other things that one may not look at when thinking about a free transfer.

For example, David Alaba, who was also signed on a free transfer last summer, cost a lot of money. A large sum was given to Alaba’s father, his agent and to Alaba himself. So I can imagine the same procedure for Mbappe as well.

Now, there is a report from ABC that tells us a little bit about how much Kylian Mbappe would actually earn if or when he signs for Real Madrid. There are a few numbers that have been reported, and fair to say Mbappe will definitely not be a cheap transfer.

Mbappe is reportedly going to earn €21 million per season for six years with Real Madrid, in the contract that Real have prepared for him. But, then, he will also earn around €40 million bonus on top of that, which he will share with his father and his lawyer.

According to the report, it is his lawyer who made Mbappe realise that the next step for him should be a move to Real Madrid, if he wants to become a football legend and fulfill his dream of playing for the club.

It also shows that Mbappe’s not all about the money, something we have talked about before but it is great to see him reject a contract proposal of a whopping €36 million per season that he was offered by PSG. The Frenchman wants to realise his dream of playing for the club he adores, and money won’t be coming in the way of that.

But, of course, we know that the decision won’t be made official until June, or, at least until after the Champions League clash between Real Madrid and PSG.

The club doesn’t want to hurt the footballer by completing the deal early, since PSG, according to this report hold the right to make this deal public if it happens before the season is over, and so they will wait until all this is over before announcing his eventual arrival.