NBBF Board Focused On Reactivating Progammes, Reconciliation -Kida


President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF Ahmadu Musa Kida has said that the board is focused on restarting its general programmes, the amendment of the 2019 approved NBBF Constitution as well as pursue reconciliation of stakeholders.

These were contained in a three page letter Kida wrote to update stakeholders on the state of affairs of basketball after the painful and avoidable crises that rocked the game in the country.

“The NBBF will continue with its reconciliation process, alongside its local programmes, so that all aggrieved parties can come under one umbrella of peace for the growth and development of the game.”

He noted that the NBBF Board is by this call, committed to fulfilling all these requirements in a very open and transparent manner and in compliance with its Statutes.

“While we understand and appreciate that we have had, and will have divergent opinions on some issues, this is not the time for finger pointing as to who was right or wrong.

“There is no overstating the fact that continuous bickering and fractionalization within the Nigerian Basketball family, even at the board levels, does no one any good. It is an ill wind that must be avoided.

“The present position we have found ourselves has already set Nigerian basketball back by many years, and now that normalcy has been restored by the recent Government actions and developments, it is time for us to engage in a very sober manner and ensure that we move forward without rancor and in unity.”

Furthermore, he said: “We must all strive for unity of purpose so that onlookers will always accord us the respect and dignity that we deserve as the drivers of the growth and development of the game in Nigeria.

“I am therefore using this opportunity to call on all genuine Basketball Stakeholders in Nigeria to close ranks and join hands with the NBBF to move Nigerian Basketball to its desired height. I wish to assure all Stakeholders that as far as the NBBF Board is concerned, there is “No victor, no Vanquished”.

On the issue of the constitution, Kida said that the NBBF will conclude the processes of amending the approved NBBF 2019 Constitution and the reconciliation process through the Committees that the Board will set up and communicate in the coming days.

He also noted that the NBBF will commence its designed programme of activities without delay to enable the federation complete programmes and meet up with national, continental, and international deadlines for the country’s representation in all major competitions.

The president who is also a member of the FIBA marketing Commission concluded by thanking States Associations Chairmen and their Secretaries, as well as, other members of the NBBF Congress for upholding the mantle of proper governance within the NBBF.

“Our thanks go to all our stakeholders who have endured selfless sacrifices for the development of Nigeria Basketball over the years and I, on behalf of the NBBF Board, urge all concerned to continue to support the growth of the game.

“I also want to thank the Nigerian Government, as headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Akin Dare and his team, for their unflinching support for the successes we have recorded in the past years.