NBBF Builds Stronger Relationship With FG


The board of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) on Saturday met in Lagos to chat the way forward ahead of the 2022 domestic and international basketball season.

The meeting presided over by its President, Engr Musa Kida, lasted four hours. It provided an opportunity for all members to come together physically to chart a way forward for the next four years as the board thanked the Federal Government for their usual support towards developing sports in Nigeria.

While addressing journalists, he disclosed that things have started taking shape with the domestic activities set to tip-off after the traditional stakeholders’ meeting.

“The fact that we can meet today and the Secretary-General, who is a Ministry staff is here and the Assistant SG is also here, means that the ministry is already participating in what we do. Going forward, I think it is much brighter than we have experienced in the past, where we are going to have the desired collaboration with the ministry to execute our programs.”

The federation maintained that it has no intention of contesting or competing with the Ministry of Sports in carrying out its statutory functions as the supervisory body but is focused on working out a seamless synergy to accelerate basketball development and growth in Nigeria.

“I will want to make it clear that we, as a board, have no interest whatsoever in contesting with the ministry in its sphere of statutory influence.

“They have their supervisory and statutory job to do by way of supervising bodies like us but they have allowed us to constitute ourselves into federations that can run these activities within the territory of the country”, Kida said.

“I do think we are helping them deliver on basketball development in the country. Going forward, I think the proof is very evident, we are all on board here.”

Present at the meeting were Engr Musa Kida (President), Babs Ogunade (Vice President), Adamu Jalong (North Central Representative), Olumide Oyedeji (South West Representative), Ugo Udezue (South East Representative), Prof Musa Yakassai (NapherSD), Felix Awogu (Sponsors Representative) and Victor Okoro (Military and Para-Military Representative).
The trio of Col. Samuel Ahmedu (International Representative), Prof. Florence Adeyanju (NAWISS Representative), and Alhaji Abba Kaka Abdulkadir (North East Representative) all joined via zoom.