NFF Elections: Proposed Ammended Statutes Increases Delegates From 44 To 111


To set motion in place for the September elections into the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), a total of 111 delegates are expected to cast their votes to pave the way for a new President.

The Federal Government 10-year Masterplan Committee proposed the ammended statute which is subject to the approval of the NFF Congress.

In a 55-page 2022 draft ammended NFF statute made available scooped that the number of votes for the elections has been increased from 44 votes to 111 votes.

Recall that the Federal Government through the Ministry of Sports ordered that the NFF should hold its Elective Congress as and when due to elect new leadership as the tenure of the present board ends on September 20, 2022.
The letter sent to NFF President, Amaju Pinnick also stated that the number of congressmen be expanded.

A break down of the figure is contained in Article 22 of the proposed statute- Delegates and votes, “the General Assembly is composed of One Hundred and Eleven (111) members. The One Hundred and Eleven (111] delegates are as follows:

“The body of thirty-seven (37) state football associations including ding the Federal Capital Territory, affiliated to NFF, shall have one (1) delegate each, totalling thirty-seven (37) delegates. The Nigeria Professional Football League, subordinate affiliated to NFF shall have Twenty (20) delegates.

“Nigeria National League subordinate affiliated to NFF shall have Twelve (12) delegates

Nigeria-Amateur League Nationwide League One affiliated with NFF shall have Twelve (12) delegates;
Nigeria Women Football League affiliated with NFF shall have Twelve [12) delegates.

The Nigeria Referees Association, subordinate affiliated to NFF shall have Six (6) delegates. “The Nigeria Football Coaches Association, affiliated with NFF shall have Six (6) delegates.

The players’ association, affiliated with NFF shall have Six (6) delegates.
Delegates must belong to the member that they represent and be elected by the appropriate body of that member.
“They must also be able to produce evidence of this upon request.

Each of the 111 members shall have one (1) vote in the General Assembly. The names of the delegates, including the ones with the right to vote, shall be notified to the General Secretariat before the opening of the General Assembly. Voting by proxy or by letter is not permitted.

The Executive Committee and the General Secretary shall take part in the General Assembly without voting rights. During their term of office, members of the Executive Committee may not be appointed as delegates for their association.

In the upcoming NFF Elections there will be: 111 votes.

According to the ammended statute, 8 bodies will vote in the next elections, which includes the following;
37 FA Chairmen
20 NPFL clubs
12 NNL Clubs
12 NWFL Clubs
12 NLO clubs
6 Referees
6 Player Union
6 Coaches
Total= 111