NFF Queries Super Falcons Coach Waldrum For Attacking His Employer


The Nigeria Football Federation has queried Super Falcons Head Coach Randy Waldrum for attacking his employer (NFF) publicly without recourse to his terms of contract.

NFF General Secretary, Dr. Muhammed Sanusi made this known in an exclusive chat  revealing that Waldrum over stepped his bound for accusing the football house falsely claiming imposition of players on him to take to FIFA Women’s World Cup kicking off July 20th in Australia and New Zealand.

Sanusi said before this time the coach held a meeting with the federation where he was asked to submit his programme for the world cup but refused to comply, suddenly he came up with list of 23 players for the world inclusive of 4 goalkeepers.

“Have you seen any football tournament organised by CAF /FIFA with 4 goalkeepers. Waldrum even dropped Francisca Ordega to accommodate the forth goalkeeper in his list. His attention was called but he refused insisting that he must go to the world cup with 4 goalkeepers.

‘Base on this , the federation took a decision and directed him to drop the forth goalkeeper and return Ordega to the squad who is a striker. Waldrum also said the federation should open camp in Nigeria with home based . Even from what he submitted, none of his Nigerian assistant coaches would be at the bench during the world cup apart from the lady he brought from America.

“The federation told him the lady has no contract with NFF . After reviewing what he submitted, the federation took a decision that super falcons should have 15 days camping in Australia the venue of the world. There is nothing like imposition all we are doing is for the team to make a good impact,”Sanusi revealed.

The Federation Scribe also stated that everything needed to have an excellent outing in Australia have been provided for.