NFF Rules Out Severance Package For Rohr


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will not pay Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, severance package as both parties are set to end their partnership.

According to information available to us, the NFF will only pay Rohr his wages for the remainder of his current contract with no severance package.

“Top NFF sources tell me there is no severance package in Gernot Rohr’s contract. The federation is only obliged to pay him the remainder of his remuneration and that is what they are working on at the moment,” Udoh twitted @ColinUdoh. Rohr’s current contract as the Super Eagles coach ends at the end of next year after signing a new two-year deal last year.

However, the 68-year-old tactician is on the brink of the sack as the Super Eagles have regressed under him in the last 12 months.
The NFF is currently working out ways to pay him for the remaining 12 months of his current contract before the Africa Cup of Nations begins in January.

It remains to be seen who will lead the team to Cameroon, but former coach Jo Bonfrère has already submitted a formal application to the NFF as a potential candidate to take over from Rohr. However, no decision will be taken until NFF pays off Rohr and fire him.