NFF Settles 90% Of Super Falcons Unpaid Bonuses And Allowances


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has settled the backlogs of unpaid bonuses and allowances they are owing the players of the Super Falcons.

The federation however admitted that it has not paid the away winning bonus of Super Falcons players and officials versus Ivory Coast while other debts except the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup bonuses (which has not been paid by FIFA) have been paid.

Before the settlement of the debts, the federation were owing each players at least the sum of Sixteen thousand US dollars ($16,000) and Five hundred and ten thousand naira (N510,000) being total amount owed for accumulated players’ allowances and bonuses since 2021.

Some of the matches whose allowances and bonuses were settled include the international friendly matches against USA, Austria, Japan and Mexico. They have also recently settled match bonus (#510,000) for the home win against Cote D’Ivoire in the African Nations Cup qualifier.

In an exclusive interview a top official of the federation who spoke on condition of anonymity said, the NFF has settled the backlogs of unpaid bonuses and allowances for the Super Falcons players and officials. They have settled almost all the debts except for the away winning bonus against Ivory Coast which I believe will be paid as soon as they get more funds.”

Super Falcons will host São Tomé and Principe in Nigeria between 18th-22nd this month in the African Women’s Nations Cup qualifier in a double header before playing the second leg five or six days later.