Nigeria’s James Chima Shines At 2024 IFBB West African Championships


The 2024 IFBB West African Championships held in Accra, Ghana, ended on a high note for Nigeria as Abuja’s very own James Chima Sunday claimed the overall title in men’s bodybuilding, earning him the prestigious IFBB Elite Pro Card and marking his transition to a professional athlete.

At just 22 years old, James has brought immense pride and joy to Nigeria, showcasing the capability and resilience of a homegrown talent on the international stage.

Born and raised in Nkanu, Enugu state, James has not only stood out for his impressive physical statistics—standing 176 cm tall and weighing

95 kg—but also for his mental fortitude and dedication to the sport.

Beginning his journey in bodybuilding just six years ago, James quickly

made a name for himself by winning a silver medal at the 2023 IFBB West

African Championship. His recent victory is a testament to his hard work and the meticulous training regimen he has developed over the years.

James’ approach to bodybuilding is unique and strategic. He focuses

on the crucial negative phase of each exercise, which has significantly

enhanced his muscle development and strength. His nutrition regimen,

alternating between high carbs for bulking and increased protein for

cutting, is tailored to optimize his performance and physique.

Inspired by bodybuilding legends like Sergio Oliva and Phil Heath, James

aspires to not only compete but also leave a lasting impact in the world

of bodybuilding. His advice to newcomers in the sport is simple yet

powerful: consistency is key. It is this consistency that has led him to

numerous victories and now, a promising professional career ahead.

James’ achievement at the IFBB West African Championships is not just

a personal victory but a monumental moment for Nigeria. It serves as an

inspiration to many young athletes in Nigeria and across Africa, proving

that with dedication, discipline, and support, reaching the global stage

is within reach. His journey from a small town in Enugu to the

international arena in Ghana embodies the spirit of Nigerian resilience and talent.

As James Chima Sunday continues to elevate his career and set new

benchmarks, his journey remains a beacon of hope and motivation for

aspiring athletes in Nigeria and across Africa. His success at the 2024 IFBB West African Championships is not just a personal triumph but a moment of national pride, further solidifying Nigeria’s standing in the international bodybuilding community. As he prepares for future competitions, James’s story from a small town in Enugu to global recognition remains a powerful testament to what Nigerian youth can achieve on the world stage