NPA Ibadan International Polo Tournament 2021: A Plus II beat PH Koko Farms


Ibadan A plus II opened the 2021 NPA Ibadan International Polo Tournament with a 10-2½ win over PH Koko Farms in the Ade Alakija Memorial Cup.

The tournament galloped off at the Ibadan Polo Club on Thursday with pomp and pageantry, as various clubs battle for honour and glory in the various trophies available.

In the second game of Day 1, IB Interstyle lost 1-7 ½ to JS Red Crown in a tough encounter also in the 10th edition of the Ade Alakija Memorial Cup contest. The third match of Ade Alakija Memorial Cup saw IB Dangote fell 2 ½ – 4 to PH Wilton Aviation in an encounter that witnessed brilliant displays from both sides.

In the last match of Day 1, LG Ikoyi Team narrowly lost to IB A Plus I team 2 – 3 in the first of the Rotimi Cup contest.

The annual tournament, is expected to gallop to a halt on May 23rd, 2021.