Okocha Scores In Ronaldinho’s Organised Charity Game


Nigerian football legend, Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha rolled back the years with his signature skills during his former PSG teammate, Ronaldinho’s celebrity-studded charity football match, The Beautiful Game, in Florida, United States.

The former Super Eagles star featuring for Team R10 scored the game’s first goal after tricking the defence with some of his signature movement and slipping the ball past Rene Higuita of Colombia.

The goal showed that Okocha, a legend of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, still possesses incredible football skills, years after retiring.

Okocha took to his official social media platforms to celebrate his skills in the charity game; the post has since gone viral.

Along with a video of the skills needed to score was a message on his official Instagram account that said, “Just a little cameo in Orlando.”

Team R10 went on to win 4-3 with captain Ronaldinho and Vini Jr. all on the score sheet