Onome Ebi Seeks Fans Support For Super Eagles


Super Falcons skipper Onome Ebi has called for support for Nigeria’s Super Eagles.

The senior men’s team has been under severe criticism in recent times due to poor performance in the just-concluded first set of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The Nigerian side was unable to record a win in the games against Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

Ebi said the team needs more support to deliver good results for the country and further said fans should also understand that the players too are not happy about the performance.

“They are gradually killing the beautiful game in my country with so much negativity,” Ebi wrote on Instagram.

“Football is supposed to be enjoyed, and players giving all to make the country proud are supposed to be encouraged and supported.

“It’s really sad to know that we have the best players in the world, but it is difficult to win games convincingly these days. It is really sad.

“We need that full support and enough of all this calling out players, insulting, and discouraging them after a bad game. Players go through a lot after all this, please lovers of football we can do better to help each other.

“Truly, some people don’t understand how it feels to lose a game or play below expectations. Some players never recover from it.

“Some experienced players are strong enough to encourage the rest. Some go off playing for some time to recover. Football is not just about playing on the field.

“It’s beyond. You wonder why players always ask the fans for their support and why it is because it goes a long way to motivate and encourage the players.

Please let’s change our ways toward football players. It’s destroying the beauty of the game”, she added.