Osimhen Not Worth 130 million Euros-Napoli Legend


Former Napoli player, Arturo di Napoli has told Italian media 1 Football Club, that Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen is overpriced.

He explained: “Osimhen is in a bit of trouble. Of the 130 million, I believe these figures to be allocated to players who confirm themselves over three or four seasons. Even if we are talking about a player of absolute level, these are disproportionate figures.

“Great champions always manage to make the difference in big matches. Osimhen remains a great footballer, but 130 million is too much. 70, 80 million may be the right valuation.”

70 million Euros is just £60 million, a long way short of the figures touted for the Manchester United linked striker. Whether Napoli would ever settle for a dip like that, is very doubtful.

Osimhen was also criticised by pundit Ivan Zazzaroni, who told TMW that Osimhen was ‘missing’ from the team’s performance against Barcelona.

He added that the striker “is not paying for what he earns which, let’s remember, is 10 million per year from this season. “