Poor Form: FIFA Badged Ref Madu, Five Others Get NFF Warning


Madu Patience Ndidi, a respected FIFA badged referee from Enugu State has been warned by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Referees Committee has been warned and advised to always consider clear certainty to justify her decision during a match.

Madu was tasked to step up her performance after an evaluation of her conduct in a Nigeria Premier Football League fixture between Wikki Tourists FC and Niger Tornadoes.

The committee identified that an incident occurred in the penalty area, in which she whistled and signalled for a penalty kick and instantly changed her decision for a goal as the ball eventually proceeded and resulted in a goal.

After thorough analysis, it was concluded that: A Foul was committed and the Referee signalled for a Penalty Kick; that the goal resulted from a dead ball, and therefore, the advantage clause is not applicable in this instant situation.

That the Referee should have maintained her decision of penalty kick; that she committed an error of judgment in allowing the goal.

In the committee’s decision, Madu was warned and advised to always consider the larger picture by appropriate scanning and delay decisions until there is a clear certainty to justify a decision.

In the game between arch-rivals Shooting Stars Sports Club and Kwara United Ukah Ndubuisi (FIFA), Imo, Referee also got a warning.

It was observed that during a build-up, which resulted in a goal, the AR 2, Otuwho Morrison signalled to penalise the scorer for an offside offence. The Referee complied with his AR to disallow the goal.

After a proper examination of the clip, it was inferred that: As at the time the ball leaves the leg of the kicker (teammate of the scorer), the scorer was not in an offside position.

The AR2 was not properly positioned to justify the decision to penalize the scorer for the offside offence.

Decision: Ndubuisi is warned and advised to improve his performance as the duty to identify/establish an offside position is purely that of the AR.

For the NWFL derby between Rivers Angels and Delta Queens, which was characterized by controversial/questionable decisions that had adverse effects on the outcome of the match, the committee however considered that the impact of the decisions of Match Officials in the other reviewed matches was not serious enough to warrant punitive measures.

The duo of Abdulrasheed Rofiat, Oyo, Assistant Referee 1 and Aladenika Adetutu Assistant Referee 2 were warned and advised to improve their performances.

The committee observed that two goals of Delta Queens were disallowed by the Referee, Adesola Olufunke and her active Assistant Referee 1, Abdulrasheed Rofiat.

The committee noted that: in an attack towards the penalty area of Rivers Angels, the defending player attempted a scissors kick and missed the ball.

None of the two attacking players near the defending player committed no offence.

The claim of the Referee that there was a foul/pushing is unfounded and therefore, her decision to disallow the goal unjustified with the Laws of the Game.

Decision: the second goal disallowed by the Assistant Referee’s signal for offside is considered as justified as the committee observed a possible offside situation in the run towards the goal by the attacking players. The Assistant Referees are, however, warned and advised to improve their performances.

The trio of Ogunboye Joy, Ondo, Referee, Olusi Kikelomo, Ondo, Assistant Referee 1 and Ajirotutu Esther, Ondo, Assistant Referee 2 who officiated the NWFL game between Osun Babes vs Delta Queens, were warned and advised to improve in their performances.

The committee noted that the incidences and errors of judgment of the Match Officials were not serious enough to warrant punitive measures