Randy Waldrum To Shock South Africa With Plan B


Coach of Nigeria Super Falcons, Randy Waldrum, has said that his Plan B in today’s game versus South Africa will hand Nigeria the Olympic Games ticket.

The American coach expresses unwavering confidence in his team’s ability to overcome challenges ahead of facing African Champions, South Africa in the third round of the 2024 Olympics qualifiers on Friday, April 5.

The Falcons head into this crucial fixture without two key defenders, Tosin Demehin and Ashleigh Plumptre, both sidelined due to fitness concerns.

Despite the setback, Randy Waldrum remains resolute in his belief that his contingency plans will see the team through.

In an interview on NFF TV, Waldrum acknowledged the significance of Demehin and Plumptre in the defensive setup, labeling their absence as a “big loss.”

However, he emphasized the importance of adaptability, asserting that as a coach, having a Plan B is imperative. He expressed confidence in the squad’s depth and readiness of replacement players to step up to the challenge.

“My first thought and concern is getting them healthy and ensuring they are going to be okay but I think as a coach you must always have a Plan B and we’ve been working on those plans.

“Think we have players who are ready to step in and do the job for us. I think I have confidence in the depth of the squad and I believe they can come in and do the job for us.”

The Falcons, under Waldrum’s guidance, are poised to secure victory against South Africa at the MKO Abiola Stadium, followed by a crucial away fixture in Pretoria. The outcome of these matches will determine Nigeria’s qualification for the 2024 Olympics.

While acknowledging the quality of the South African team, Randy Waldrum remains focused on his own squad’s preparation and performance.

He acknowledges the threat posed by South Africa’s individual talents and their tactical prowess but maintains a steadfast belief in the capabilities of his own players.

“They have individual talent and upfront they are very dangerous and the coach has done a very good job.

“But as I said before the World Cup and I am saying it again, I really like our team and I have all the confidence that our players will perform really well.”

The American tactician emphasizes the need for his team to concentrate solely on their responsibilities and to approach the matches with determination and focus.