Revealed! CR7 Tells Teammates What To Eat


Cristiano Ronaldo would tell his team-mates what to eat and which foods to avoid while at Juventus.

The Portugal international returned to Manchester United last summer and his arrival at the club led to reports that Old Trafford players were leaving their desserts due to Ronaldo’s example.

The 37-year-old has a strict approach to his diet and has enabled the forward to stay close to his physical peak despite approaching the end of his career.

And now Brazilian midfielder Arthur has revealed that Ronaldo would directly criticise team-mates for their diet choices during his time at the Italian club.

“We used to sit together at the table and sometimes he would look at our plates and say: ‘This is not what you should be eating,’” Arthur told TNT Sport.

“Ronaldo’s not a football player, he is an athlete of choice,” Arthur, who played alongside Ronaldo for one season at Juventus, added.

“He surprised me with his professionalism, with everything he does on the pitch and also off it.

“He is very careful with his food and always makes a point of getting 15 minutes of sun. Furthermore, he is always attentive to the people around him.”

Manchester United’s back-up goalkeeper Lee Grant revealed earlier this season the impact Ronaldo had had since returning to Old Trafford.

Grant told Talksport that once Ronaldo was back at the club desserts such as apple crumble and chocolate brownie were left untouched. “One of the lads said to me, ‘What has Cristiano got on his plate?’” Grant revealed.

“So we were having a little goosey gander at what he has got and obviously it is the cleanest, most healthy plate you can imagine.

“And it just cracked me up how not one single player dared get up and have that junk food that was laid out.”