Rudiger: Why I Dumped Chelsea


Chelsea defender Toni Rudiger has stated that the club’s sanctions wasn’t a factor in his decision to leave. Rudiger will join Real Madrid in the summer when his contract expires.

He was part of Chelsea’s triumphant FA Cup side in 2018, then went on to taste glory in the Europa League and Champions League.

There were also wins in this season’s UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup, yet this was not the ending he dreamed of as he prepares to join Real Madrid in the summer.

“It’s been five years as normal with ups and downs, but with a lot of positive things,” the Germany international said.
“That’s why I’m even more frustrated because I wanted to have a different ending.

“At the end of the day it’s not only about one side, it’s both sides – Chelsea have been great to me, I have been great to Chelsea.

“As always, I am very, very thankful, me, my family. I became a man here. My kids were born here and everything. London and especially Chelsea will always be special to me.”

The uncertainty brought by Roman Abramovich’s exit has made things complicated for Chelsea in recent months, but the 29-year-old says that did not impact his exit.

“I don’t want to go too deep in things,” he added. “There was a chance (of staying) but sanctions is not the problem.”