Saka Says Busquets ‘Embarrassed’ Him


Arsenal star, Bukayo Saka has named the one opponent he’s come across in his career who made him look a bit silly. The England international is one of the biggest young talents in the game at the moment, and Gunners supporters will surely enjoy reading the interview he’s given to GQ.

One of the interesting lines from Saka is that he found Barcelona midfielder, Sergio Busquets to be one of the most impressive players he’s come across.

The Spaniard has been a top performer for Barca for many years, and Saka recalled playing against him in a friendly, with one clever movement leaving him “embarrassed” by his opponent.

When asked about his favourite players, Saka immediately brought up Busquets, saying: “Sergio Busquets. The way he just so elegantly turned me! I came at him to press him, I tried to fake this side then go to the other, and the way he just embarrassed me: I was just like, yeah, this guy is elite.
“The way he just took me out of the play, I said, ‘Respect.’ Busquets is three steps ahead of everyone, and that’s what makes you a top footballer. That’s what I realised that day.”

Saka certainly seems like he has a fine appreciation of the game, alongside being a naturally gifted talent on the pitch.
That should serve the 20-year-old well in what promises to be a fine career for him at the highest level.