Sports Minister Assures Nigerians Of Instant Reforms In Inaugural Stadium Tour


The Minister of Sports Development – Hon. John Owah Enoh has shared his good, bad, and ugly insight from his inaugural tour of the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja on Wednesday.

After assuming the office of the Head of the Sports Ministry on Tuesday, Hon. Enoh welcomed the inclusion of the media in the planned tour of the stadium’s facilities alongside the ministry’s Permanent Secretary.

“I consider this tour around the stadium facility worthwhile and revealing,” the Sports Minister said while addressing the media.

“I was privileged to get reports and briefings from all the departments within the sector yesterday (Tuesday) on my first day on the job, and we endeavor to be systematic in our approach.

“This is the reason for following up with a tour of the national stadium today so that whatever funding or projects we propose subsequently can be from an informed point of view.”

As a politician, farmer, and philanthropist, Hon. Enoh comes in as the 36th Minister of Sports Development in Nigeria and has shown the willingness and commitment needed to restore monumental glory.

Hon. Enoh also directed the permanent secretary to relocate all relevant departments within the sports sector back to the stadium ground, to help foster more presence at the center of the action.

“I have been able to assimilate the language of sports between yesterday and today due to my commitment and passion for the ministry, and I would like to take a few things from this tour following my discussions with the Permanent Secretary.

“One of those is to establish my current office within the stadium as a permanent base for the Sports Minister away from the Federal Secretariat.

“I also indicated and directed that every other department of sports outside the stadium should be relocated within the premises to foster more presence right in the thick of the action.

“Life is all about the good, bad, beautiful, and the ugly. And with the much I have seen today, it is important to note that the Moshood Abiola stadium is a national monument that must be preserved.

“I think the facility has endured a lot since its opening in 2003, the engine room, generating set, and athletics hostel, to mention but a few needing critical reforms.

“The kinds of infrastructure we put in place for our athletes to take abode is very important in their wellbeing which translates into their performances for the country.

Hon. Enoh has assured Nigerians to expect instant reforms within the national stadium and its facilities, amongst other infrastructural projects and funding needed to run the sector seamlessly.