Sports Ministry Declares Sanusi Persona Non-Grata


For his absolute disrespect for the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the office of the Minister, NFF General Secretary Dr Mohammed Sanusi has been declared persona non grata.

The Federal Government has decided to move against him. Inside sources from the Ministry, revealed that henceforth, no letter written or signed by Sanusi will be treated or honoured. Not only that, previous letters from Sanusi and the NFF will be frozen or disregarded.

Also interesting, is the fact that since Sanusi has claimed that he is not an employee of the Federal Government, yet enjoys government facilities and spends appropriated funds, he is likely to be ejected from the NFF Secretariat.

Sanusi, in mid-September, wrote to report the Federal Government to FIFA for interfering and had the effrontery to send a copy to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

“The Ministry is the supreme body responsible for the administration of sports in Nigeria and it is fully empowered by the constitution. Sanusi and the NFF think they can use FIFA to blackmail Nigeria.

“Disrespecting constituted authority is taking it too far by a mere Secretary General.

“He should be ready to face what comes his way the source said. Sanusi has created problems for the new NFF President by his behaviour” an inside source submitted.

A forensic financial may soon be thrown in at the NFF Secretariat under Sanusi to account for all Government funds.
As usual, the Minister like a vulture is always patient.

Our sources revealed that it’s not about him. It’s about the Institution of Sports, the supervising Ministry. Knowing this Minister, he will fight to defend the institution. The NFF is still a parastatal under the Ministry and answerable to the Minister.

Sanusi is not elected. Sanusi was appointed in what became an anomaly under the unrestrained rule of Amos Adamu and Bolaji Ojo. Hitherto, the General Secretary is a civil servant as the case is, with all sporting federations.